360 Painting - Katy

Area/Production Manager


Houston, TX


Full Time


  • Shows up on the job site with the crew; greets the customer.
  • Has the crew unload all materials and equipment and prep the work area.
  • Stays in direct contact/directions the crew during the job.
  • At the end of the day, the Production Manager notifies the owner regarding status of the job.
  • Performs a walk-through with the owner and collects on balance of the payment upon completion of the job.


  • Previous construction/consumer sales experience


  • Executes on-site job requirements.
  • Answers customers’ questions to the best of his/her ability.
  • Processes job orders and builds inventory during down time.
  • Pulls inventory ass needed to complete jobs.
  • Maintains the vehicle and all tools and equipment.

*All 360 Painting locations are independently owned and operated. All positions identified here are positions offered by individual 360 Painting franchisees who will interview, hire, pay, manage, etc. the person who is hired for that respective position at each specific location. All 360 Painting employment opportunities potentially identified through this page are offered by individual 360 Painting franchisees. These positions are not through 360 Painting Inc. or the franchise. They are offered exclusively through local 360 Painting franchisees.

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